Caravan Paintwork Protection for Piece of Mind


Get piece of mind for your Caravan or Motorhome by adding a specialist protective layer to give your Paintwork and GRP Panels long lasting protection.

Protection against:
Acidic Bird Droppings
Road Tar
Black Streaking
Sun Damage
Decal Damage caused by UV Rays

caravan polishing near blackpool

How it Works


We apply a specialist German manufactured synthetic protective coating to your caravan that will protect your paintwork and panels from the sun’s harsh UV rays to protect against Oxidisation and maintain your caravans shine.

The additional protection from this professional coating means it eliminates the need to polish or wax your caravan for 12 months! Making this the ideal winterisation aid at the end of the season or a great way to start your new year’s caravanning adventure.

Can you have the coating applied more than once per year?

Yes, an enhanced shine can be achieved with a second coat at 6 month intervals, we find that once a year is suitable for most caravanners needs and will keep your caravan or motorhome in showroom condition year round, but if you want that extra sparkle this is something we can offer.

There is no benefit to applying the coating more frequently than every 6 months, we personally find that once every 12 months is good enough even for caravanners that spend long periods of time on the continent under the most intense UV sun rays.

Our Caravan Paintwork Protection can only be applied on New Vehicles (where the dealer has not damaged the paintwork/panels prior to sale)

Or after we have completed our Restoration / Polishing service 

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